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Moving Tips


A STRESS-FREE MOVE - IS IT POSSIBLE. Nobody likes moving, It doesn’t have to be that so stressful. Some good planning can help smooth things out, and make your move an easier experience...

a few ideas to help you plan:


PURGE The less stuff you have to pack & transport, the simpler your move will be.

Clear out basement, attic, closets, junk drawer and shed. Have a yard sale, sell it on Craigslist, take it to Goodwill, or throw it away. If you’re moving far away, consider getting rid of furniture.. Unless you’ve got really high-end or heirloom pieces, it could actually be more expensive to transport them than to buy new!


START PACKING EARLY Pack books, off-season clothes & unused items, start months before you move. That way, you can collect boxes & pack gradually without having to scramble last minute. It also gives you time to go through all your stuff & decide what to purge. Leave essentials like kitchen stuff, your kids’ favourite toys, key home office items for last few days. Show what’s inside As you pack each box, write a detailed list of the contents. Don’t just write “kitchen.” Be more specific; a box labeled “coffee maker, toaster, bread maker” will save you rooting around six or seven boxes to find what you need. Put the list right on each box & make a master list in a notebook or on the computer.


HIRE MOVERS Yes, they’re more expensive than a DIY move, but if you’re looking to reduce stress, hiring pros is the way to go. Just make sure you hire a reputable company – shadier outfits have been known to entice customers with a really low hourly rate, then hold their property hostage until the customer agrees to pay more. Need help finding someone you can trust? Get a referral from your REALTOR or a friend. Always ask for a written estimate.


PLAN, PLAN, PLAN - Google “Moving checklist"



Closet conversions. Have you spotted this trend lately on your real estate rounds?

Closet into entryway. Closet into office. Closet into bar.

Apparently there are a ton of underutilized closets out there just waiting to be transformed into something more meaningful. 

If you or one of your clients happens to be suffering from extra-closet syndrome, take a look at recent closet conversion trends so you’re well-informed and can be the expert in any conversion conversation. 

Closet Into Entryway

closet conversion entryway 5 Awesome Closet Conversions







This is a popular closet conversion, and the one that is perhaps most logical. Many homes have a closet located somewhere near the front door for coat storage and the like. While having a place for your outerwear is nice, all the flotsam and jetsam that often ends up in there is not.

Converting this space into an entryway is one way to maximize your use of the space and keep yourself free of the clutter that often accumulates behind closed doors. This image shows a larger closet that has been modified to include seating. 

Closet Into Office

closet conversion office 5 Awesome Closet Conversions








If your house doesn’t have office space, set up shop in the closet! This is another frequent closet conversion, and one that still allows for quite a bit of storage.

The nice thing about having your desk tucked away in an office is that you can close the doors when you’re done working (if you leave the doors on, that is). Out of sight, out of mind!

Closet Into Bar 
                                                     closet conversion bar 5 Awesome Closet Conversions              







Frivolous to some, essential to others, the closet-to-bar conversion can be a little bit more involved as it frequently requires plumbing and electricity components.

However, it is also the closet conversion most likely to impress your friends… it’s like having your very own speakeasy hiding in your home.

Closet Into Kids’ Space

closet conversion kids 5 Awesome Closet Conversions












Childhood is meant to be fun, not practical. Why not surprise and delight the children in your life with a magical, kid-friendly closet to call their own? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

Cons – Having to clear out a closet
Pros – Imagination supercharger, hours of out-of-the-way play, coolest parent on the block award

The pros definitely win out!

Closet Into Reading Nook

closet conversion nook 5 Awesome Closet Conversions








Why should the kids have all the fun? For a sophisticated spin on a closet makeover, take a look at this elegant reading nook. What was once a jumbled mess of still-unpacked boxes and unloved stuff – you know what we’re talking about – is now a place for peaceful contemplation and relaxation. Pull a book off the shelves, or not, and sit back and unwind at the end of a long day.

Once again, not entirely sure who has extra closets. Maybe you’ve got one lurking in your guest room, library or garage – it’s certainly worth a poke around. Who really needs all of those linens and coats anyway?





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